The Beige - An atmospheric pop-jazz quintet.


The Beige, a quietly innovative roots quintet from Vancouver, released two critically-acclaimed independent albums between 2006 and 2010. The band was founded by songwriter and author Rick Maddocks, and featured Jon Wood, Mark Haney, Andrew Arida and Geoff Gilliard. The tour-shy band developed an underground following thanks to its improvisational live shows and rich, multi-layered recordings blending alt-country and jazz, folk and Latin forms.

The Beige's debut album 01 (2006) was a minimalist, low-key experiment recorded in various apartments over a number of years. It featured songs such as "One for Me" and "Hammer in a Bell" that enjoyed radio airplay in Canada. In 2010, El Angel Exterminador saw The Beige explore its maximalist and mysterious side, with apocalyptic songs including "Road" and "The Exterminating Angel", earning the album's tag "the great Canadian feel-not-so-good album".

The Beige's albums are available online on CD Baby and iTunes.